Watch YouTube on iOS 17 CarPlay [All Methods]

iOS 17 CarPlay YouTube is possible and some methods to enable this just require an update to support for iOS 17. Here, we'll discuss everything you need to know about watching YouTube videos on the iOS 17 CarPlay screen.

iOS 17 released with new features added to its CarPlay, and tweaking iOS 17 CarPlay is possible with some old methods. As you know, CarTube, CarBridge, NGXPlay and WheelPal are the most popular methods of software / app YouTube hacks to watch YouTube on CarPlay to date and then there’s hardware upgrade which can do the same.

Will these work for iOS 17 as well? Let’s find out.

iOS 17 CarPlay YouTube with CarTube

Without a debate, we all can agree that the CarTube app is the best method to watch YouTube on Apple CarPlay. There are reasons why CarTube got that reputation.

  • 100% Free
  • Works without jailbreak
  • Blocks YouTube ads
  • CarTube is the YouTube app for CarPlay

Let’s get to the initial question. Does CarTube support watching YouTube videos on the CarPlay screen?

At the moment, no. CarTube only supports devices that support TrollStore and works only on iOS 14 - iOS 15.4.1 for now. Yet we hope it will be available for iOS 17 CarPlay as well in a future update.

So, will CarBridge support YouTube on CarPlay with the iOS 17 update?

CarBridge for iOS 17 CarPlay YouTube

Even though CarBridge was not as good as the CarTube app when it comes to watching YouTube on CarPlay, it has its own potential; run any app on CarPlay.

CarBridge can run any app on CarPlay except apps that serve DRM contents. To put it simply, CarBridge does not support video streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. But CarBridge  supports watching  YouTube videos without an issue.

CarBridge is a jailbreak tweak so that you have to jailbreak your iPhone in order for CarBridge to work. As of now, the iOS 17 jailbreak tool is yet to release so we have to wait for an iOS 17 jailbreak first before knowing if CarBridge will work with iOS 17 CarPlay or not.

CarBridge supports iOS 13.0 - iOS 16.6.1 at the moment and therefore we can hope that when an iOS 17 jailbreak tool is released CarBridge will be available for iOS 17 CarPlay as well. So, fingers crossed with this one.

Next, the all-in-one solution in the list, WheelPal.

WheelPal for iOS 17 CarPlay

We refer to the WheelPal app as an all-in-one solution, because it offers the jailbreak tools and guides itself and enables running any app on the CarPlay with the support of jailbreak tweaks like CarBridge and NGXPlay.

It offers its solutions in three categories; Jailbreak solutions, no jailbreak solutions and hardware solutions. You may have to choose different options based on your iPhone model and your iOS version. If your iPhone supports jailbreaking, it will also provide the guides and tools to jailbreak your phone and continue with enabling any app with CarPlay.

As the solutions offered by WheelPal differ according to your device, we advise you to check the WheelPal App and choose what’s right for you.

As the final tweak, we have NGXPlay.

NGXPlay for iOS 17 CarPlay

Well, NGXPlay is an old jailbreak tweak which initially supported iOS 8 and later updated to more versions. However, it never worked on iOS 14 or later versions and it’s not getting updates anymore.

NGXPlay was one of the greatest jailbreak tweaks at the time and laid the foundation for more tweaks with more features focused on Apple CarPlay hacks.

Anyway, long story short, we can expect that NGXPlay will not be updated for iOS 17 CarPlay as well.
So, with everything we shared here, the last question. Can a hardware upgrade enable watching YouTube on iOS 17 CarPlay?

Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Ai Box for iOS 17

As we learned so far, software or an app, with or without jailbreaking is not going to enable YouTube on iOS 17 CarPlay at this stage.

If you’re in a hurry to enable YouTube on iOS 17 CarPlay or don’t want to go down the jailbreak path, this is the best solution for you, Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Ai Box.

Carlinkit Wireless AI Box for Netflix and Youtube - via
Carlinkit Wireless AI Box for Netflix and Youtube - via

This wireless CarPlay adapter supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto while it can serve Netflix, Disney+, TikTok video streaming not only YouTube. This adapter also supports media playback with an SD card.

So, if you’re not a jailbreak guy, this will be the perfect solution. If you are running on iOS 16 versions visit out article How to Watch YouTube on iOS 16 Carplay?


Watching YouTube videos on iOS 17 CarPlay is not available with an app or a jailbreak tweak at the moment, yet we expect that CarTube, CarBridge or WheelPal will come up with a solution to make that work. However, you can upgrade your experience with a dedicated CarPlay adapter designed for video streaming and it will work with iOS 17 CarPlay without an issue.