Watch YouTube on iOS 16 Carplay - All Methods

For those still with iOS 16, yes CarPlay YouTube is possible for you! Let’s talk more about watching YouTube on CarPlay iOS 16.

Even though the world of CarPlay is going with iOS 17 YouTube, you can still try iOS 16.6 CarPlay. Here are some possible methods of CarTube, CarBridge, NGXPlay and WheelPal including methods to watch YouTube on CarPlay.

iOS 16 CarPlay YouTube with CarTube

CarTube iOS 16 is an easy-to-install and way more convenient app to watch YouTube on Apple CarPlay. If anyone asks for the best method to watch YouTube on CarPlay, it goes to none other than CarTube app!  And you should have known why we say so!

  • CarTube app is 100% Free app!
  • You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to watch YouTube on CarPlay with CarTube
  • No need to worry about the ads on YouTube.
  • The best YouTube app for CarPlay is CarTube!

And back to the talk. Does CarTube support watching YouTube on iOS 16 CarPlay?

Sadly, No! because CarTube only supports the devices that support TrollStore and only works with iOS 14- iOS 15.4.1. at the moment. CarTube iOS 16 ipa is not available yet so you cannot download CarTube iOS 16.5 so far.

Yet we hope CarTube iOS 16.6 will be available for iOS 16 and for CarTube iOS 17 CarPlay as well in the further updates.

Whenever we got CarTube ipa for iOS 16, we will surely update you with the CarTube iOS 16 download. And it will be best to enjoy YouTube on CarPlay with CarTube iOS 16 without jailbreaking your iPhone. We have already written a step guide for you to facilitating the install guide for - How to use trollstore to install Cartube on iOS 16

CarBridge for iOS 16 CarPlay YouTube

CarBridge may not good as good as CarTube (iOS 16.6.1) when it comes to watching YouTube. However, CarBridge has its own potential for running any app on Apple CarPlay.

CarBridge is not supported for the contents that serve DRM like Netflix and Hulu. But CarBridge supports watching YouTube on Apple CarPlay without any issues.

Also, CarBridge is a jailbreak tweak, and you must jailbreak your device to watch YouTube on CarPlay.

But unlike the CarTube app, CarBridge supports iOS 13.0- iOS 16.6.1 at the moment which means if you have iOS 16 running on your device, yes you are in!

If you wish to watch YouTube on iOS 16.6 CarPlay, CarBridge is here for you. But if you are looking for methods to watch YouTube CarPlay without jailbreak iOS 16, CarBridge is not the solution for you, as you need a jailbreak.

WheelPal for iOS 16 CarPlay

WheelPal is the app that will help you to add any app on Apple CarPlay. It supports running any app with the support of jailbreak tweaks like CarBridge and NGXPlay and offers full guides for jailbreak tools.

You will get solutions according to your iOS version, and the solutions are based on jailbreak solutions, non-jailbreak solutions and hardware solutions. However, your iPhone and the iOS version should be supported with the jailbreak methods or else you may have to go with other solutions available.

Click here to visit WheelPal Official Website

NGXPlay for iOS 16 CarPlay

NGXPlay is an older jailbreak tweak which supports iOS 8. However, it stopped getting updates on iOS 14 and later and is not getting updates anymore for iOS 16 or later versions.

NGXPlay was a great jailbreak tweak at the time and enabled many features on Apple CarPlay. However, you will not be able to work with NGXPlay on iOS 16.

Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Ai Box for iOS 16

As we came through YouTube on iOS 16 CarPlay, the only non-jailbreak method available right now is updating your car interiors only. If you interested in getting a wireless CarPlay adapter to enable YouTube on iOS 16 CarPlay, here we go with Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Ai Box.

This is a wireless CarPlay adapter which supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And most importantly, not only YouTube you will be able watch many video streams like Netflix, Disney+ and TikTok on Apple CarPlay.

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  • Supports from iPhone 6s to iPhone 15 series.
  • Compatible with iOS 10 -iOS 17 (including iOS 16)
  • Works with cars that have built-in CarPlay
  • Upgrades wired CarPlay to Wireless CarPlay
  • Supports Netflix, YouTube-like video streams
  • Connects through WiFi and Bluetooth

As we revealed all the solutions available for you to watch YouTube on iOS 16 CarPlay, you can choose the most suitable methods to match with you. Learn how to add any app to Apple CarPlay. We are ready to update you with more latest updates on iOS 16 CarPlay YouTube updates, and until then, we hope you have a safe ride on your way!!


  1. What is the best method to watch YouTube on CarPlay iOS 16

CarBridge for iOS 16.6 is now available, and you will need to jailbreak your iPhone to watch YouTube on iOS 16.6 CarPlay with CarBridge. But if you need to know how to watch YouTube on iOS 16 CarPlay without jailbreak, you must buy a wireless CarPlay adapter to overcome the limitations.

2. CarTube for iOS 16 not working

CarTube is the best method to watch YouTube on CarPlay without jailbreak. However, CarTube is currently working with iOS 14- iOS 15.4.1. only. Which means CarTube iOS 16 ipa is not released yet. Therefore, you must choose another way to watch YouTube on iOS 16 CarPlay.